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Country Bears understands the importance of finding childcare you can trust, and a preschool environment that will exceed your expectations. Country Bears promotes a safe, nurturing environment for your children, while encouraging and fostering a keen desire to learn and explore. 

We believe that it is the right of all children to be provided with the correct care and education necessary to foster a keen desire to learn, as well as achieving personal development that strengthens your child’s confidence and social skills to build lifelong friendships and stimulating their minds.

Our teachers are proactive in their approach to understanding what best suits your child’s needs, and are here to listen to you. We’re always happy to discuss your child’s progress with us, at a time that’s most convenient for you. We also like to ensure a comprehensive and easy going dialogue with all parents about your child’s discoveries and development with us.


A child’s parents are their first and most important teachers in life, and this is a role we take to heart. We aim to work together with you to support your child’s healthy growth and personal development by sharing in the excitement of learning your child experiences each day.


Addittional info from our 2011 ERO (Education Review Office) review:




Early Childhood Centre Kumeu – Learning Features:


With a smaller group of children, our teachers are able to work individually with students, helping them grow and learn at their own pace. Co-operation and social skills are fostered through an emphasis on co-operation rather than competition.

Your child will further develop independent learning skills with our hands-on experiences. Learning creative expression encompassing divergent thinking, playfulness, flexibility, and originality.

Our comprehensive programme includes reading, language, arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music and physical fitness.

Thematic programmes encourage curiosity, self-direction and confidence.

This is a critical time to develop reading and writing skills, so we use high-quality literature to promote a love of reading.

Daily instruction is focused on age-appropriate literacy objectives, including letter recognition, letter sounds and emerging writing skills. Communication skills involve the ability to understand, interpret, and express meanings, as well as to exchange information, ideas and opinions.

Children engage in the exciting world of numbers as they sort, construct, classify and match. They also learn how to count and measure.

Your child will enjoy educational field trips and group projects, which are provided to enhance the programme.


The Country Bears Environment:

Is stimulating and inviting where children are happy and cared for by warm motivated educators. Is enriched with variable ‘hands on’ experiences to support children as they develop and grow to their full potential.

Consists of calm and professional educators. Ensures children come first. Keeps children safe from harm in hygienic surroundings.


We aim to support children and their families by:

Providing positive support and guidance through respectful relationships.

Treating all individuals with understanding and patience.

Creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Having clear communication systems in place. Being inclusive of families regardless of diversities. We offer 20 hours ece.


We aim to provide a curriculum for learning and development which:

Encourages exploration and discovery of the wider world through positive educational programmes and open-ended questions that are developmentallyappropriate for individual children. Includes planned and child initiative activities which allows for spontaneous learning outcomes.

Creates opportunities for children to have the freedom of choice from a range of educational experiences.

Educators will role model non-discriminatory views and values. Ensures the well being of children and educators. Encourages children to respect their environment and everything within it.