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Baby Bears

Baby Bears Overview:

Are you looking for a safe, secure “home away from home” where your child can learn, play and grow? Your baby bear will thrive in our nurturing, calm and creative world we have created. The experiences your child has during the early months and years of life are critical to healthy brain development. Our centre managers, and teachers and staff understand this, which is why our program supports healthy interactions between other baby bears, and teachers. Our room is filled with singing, reading and talking, creating the positive environment, critical to your child’s development. You will enjoy regular communication with teachers, including daily verbal information, so that you are informed about your child’s day.



  • Age-appropriate toys, games and music are available to stimulate development
  • Activities set up to generate interest and curiosity, within a group environment
  • Children are encouraged to cognitively respond in activities, such as hearing specific music, responding to colours and enjoyment of certain rhymes
  • Your baby bear has the ability to try new things, and explore possibilities – finding new ways to pull themselves up, or balance on or against
  • With help from our supportive staff, your baby bear will have the freedom to move and to practice and perfect skills at their own pace
  • Baby bear moves to Junior Bear when read, not dependent on age


A Day in the Life of a Baby Bear:

At these very early stages of your child’s life, we aim to create a daily routine which is both flexible and comfortable. We follow your infant’s routines for feeding, sleeping and playful interactions as much as possible mirroring your patterns from home. A stable and predictable environment is important so infants can build trusting and loving relationships with our teachers. Our areas and equipment are designed for your infant to develop safely while discovering the world around him or her.