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Early Childhood Centre Kumeu – Our Programme


Our programme is designed to be stimulating yet flexible enough to provide for the children’s age and individual stage of development. Each area has a specific programme for the group of children attending which is put together from the observations collected about the group throughout the past few weeks. The environment then reflects what the children are interested in and where they are at developmentally. In the older groups the programme incorporates a focus of what the children are interested in learning about.


Thought has been given to developing programmes to be responsive to children’s initiative and the changing environment. This is so that your child is encouraged to develop his/her full potential through a programme in which growing, sharing and learning experiences are incorporated into activities each day.


The centre programmes aim to foster all aspects of development i.e. social, emotional, cognitive, language and motor development. This helps to cater for the wide range of skills and interests of individual children. The centre recognises the importance of “experiences” which extend and change children’s individual development.


All areas of the curriculum provide equal learning outcomes. They should be set up in an attractive and appealing way, so that children want to participate in them. An equal balance of prepared, structured activities and tasks, combined with areas where creativity and self-initiated play can occur, provide for a well-balanced and positive learning environment. This is what we as teachers seek to provide for all the children that come to Country Bears Early Childhood Centre.


A high priority is placed on promoting each child’s self esteem:


Through encouraging the development of autonomy and co-operation in the children.


Through encouraging the children to be responsible and independent through the development of social skills and practices such as setting up, cleaning up and washing of hands and faces.


Through a stimulating, well-planned programme and changing curriculum, based on the children interests, through observation and teacher discussions.


Through providing areas for specific age groups.


Since many basic concepts, that will be used throughout life, are learned in these early years, it is important that they be well taught, developed and firmly established. Your child’s pre-school years are of great importance. Children learn through their play/work and the opportunities we provide to extend their learning. Often a lot of emphasis is placed on the product produced, where as the process is where most of their learning takes place.


Children’s Individual Folders


Each child at Country Bears has an observation folder. These are not intended as a ‘report’ but rather for our observations of each child. These observations are documented as ’Learning stories’ or ‘anecdotal notes‘. The learning stories are a record of spontaneous moments that each child has while at Country Bears and the anecdotal notes are a record of other developmental milestones and achievements each child goes through.


After these observations have been collected the teachers respond to and reflect on these records by creating the programme. These observations also allow us to create an environment full of stimulating activities that will extend children to the next level/stage of learning and understanding.


Our philosophy reinforces focusing on the children’s areas of strength and needs so we can then provide programmes for the children to develop other strengths. The children’s learning is viewed as a positive experience supported with guidance and care. Any areas of concern are voiced to parents and discussed as to which direction to follow in partnership with parents.


Parent input is a valued and important part of your child’s development at Country Bears.