Country Bears
Early Childhood Centre

A Good Beginning Lasts a Lifetime


“A Good Beginning Lasts a Lifetime”

Country Bears is the longest established learning centre in the greater Kumeu community. It is highly regarded by two generations of local families as well as within the ECC profession. Since 1993 we have maintained an environment that continues to exceed all requirements, ensuring the best quality education and care is offered to our children, their parents and our teachers. Creating a friendly and engaging family atmosphere is of utmost priority, giving meaning to our centre’s guiding values in an environment that is fair and provides freedom to accomplish and create pride in who we are as a community. For over 20 years, our school-leaver children consistently report excelling in their new class as a reflection of their time at Country Bears, in an atmosphere that encourages delight of curiosity and a culture of eagerness towards further learning. This demonstrates our centre’s priority to fostering a positive and enthusiastic learning attitude in our children to any task they may be given.

Two decades of experience has provided Country Bears with an eye for social change and influences upon our children, which enables us to hold a grounding supportive community built around the simplicity of our core values whilst adjusting to suit a new generation. Furthermore, our rural property is unlike any other centre in the area; being situated away from the main road, our fields of long grass, mature native bush and large gardens provide a diverse wholesome natural environment for creative and inspiring lessons. Environments like these are pinnacle to our centre and provide an endless route for exploration, fostering a love for the earth, nature, and towards healthy living.

Why Us?

The Country Bears Environment:

– Is stimulating and inviting where children are happy and cared for by warm, motivated educators..

– Is enriched with variable ‘hands on’ experiences to support children as they develop and grow to their full potential..

– Consists of calm and professional educators. Ensures children come first. Keeps children safe from harm in hygienic surroundings.

Our access to natural environments is unparalleled, and alongside our qualified teacher ratio, the Country Bears Centre excels well above both government requirement and common practice. On average, our team runs at 90% qualified staff, with our minimum standard of 80%; the government requires only a 50% qualified team which is common elsewhere. We constantly strive to cater smaller group sizes to ensure both a larger growing space per child, as well as, to foster their flourishing individual learning relationship with our teachers. To assure parents of this quality, the largest of our group rooms rarely exceeds 25 children whilst we adjust accordingly to uphold the high standard of qualified teacher ratios.

We aim to support children and their families by providing positive support and guidance through respectful relationships.Treating all individuals with understanding and patience, creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, with clear communication systems in place and inclusive to all families regardless of diversities.

We offer 20 hours ECE.


Our curriculum for learning and development:

Country Bears Early Childhood Centre caters to families of children aged 8 weeks to 5 years old. The centre provides a curriculum for learning and development which encourages exploration and discovery of the wider world through positive educational programmes and open-ended questions that are developmentally appropriate for individual children. This includes planned and child initiated activities which allows for spontaneous learning outcomes. Our curriculum creates opportunities for children to have the freedom of choice from a range of educational experiences. All whilst actively encouraging children to respect their environment and everything within it.