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Established in 1993, Country Bears has over 20 years of experience, and is the name in childcare that you can trust. We have strived to solidify a reputation that sets the standard for a safe and stimulating environment, whose care and education is a large part of your child’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual development. The memories your child creates here will last a life time.


With a history that spans over two decades, we are very proud to have had generations of children come through the centre that now have their own children enrolled with us.


Country Bears is the  longest-running early childhood centre in the area, and is nestled away from the noise and danger of any main roads. Situated on 10acres with 3 purpose-built centres, Country Bears has covered decks, expansive grassy outdoor play areas, playgrounds and equipment to keep your child active and engaged. Our centres are purpose-built and open-plan designed to allow for maximal natural lighting and airflow.


Country Bears has a large number of staff on the floor at all times, allowing us to utilize excellent teacher/child ratios that ensure your child can flourish under watchful, protective eyes.

We are also committed to supporting the in-house training of all our staff, to ensure we exceed governmental standards alongside the high personal standards set by parents’ expectations.


Our Current Curriculum : Country Bears Nature Program – Elements of Life. Est 2012

Elements of life, is based around the creation of the Tree House classroom in the Country Bears forest.

We are lucky to have such a lovely surrounding in a rural area, and our ideas have initiated from this to expand our learning environment for the children.

Our new purpose-built tree-house forest classroom provides a space for quality learning that derives from the Elements of Life, and gives children the opportunity to discover first-hand what nature has to offer us.

The Elements of Life include Water, Insects, Animals, Human Health, Plants, Soil, Energy, and Air.

This programme embraces all of the discoveries that are made by our children (and our teachers), linking to the Elements of Life. It tells how our discoveries are made in many different ways, in many contexts, and the amazing learning and development that comes from this.

The Elements of Life are acknowledged within  ‘The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki’. It reinforces and encourages the child’s whole holistic development using “strands and goals”.

What is a “curriculum” for early childhood education?

“Curriculum” covers everything designed to help children’s learning and development. It describes the experiences, activities and events that happen in an early childhood education setting.


What is Te Whariki?

“Te Whariki” is the first national curriculum for early childhood education in New Zealand.

Te Whariki is the bicultural national curriculum statement for the early childhood sector produced by the Ministry of Education.  All centres follows this curriculum and each centre is reviewed by the Education Review Office.  It is founded on the aspirations that children: “grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.”

Development began in 1991 and was finalised nationwide in June 1996.

There are four broad principles:


Holistic Development

Family and Community


These principles are interwoven with five strands:

(Each strand set with their own goals)

Well-being – Mana Atua
Belonging – Mana Whenua
Contribution – Mana Tangata
Communication – Mana Reo
Exploration – Mana Aoturoa