Growing With Nature

Our children are the centre of our quality nature-based curriculum, with teachers being the heart of this quality & as such chosen for their individual virtues that enhance our goals for your children.

With our inquiry-based, emergent curriculum, we incorporate nature exploration and environmental practices into our daily learning as guided by our very own Elements of Life Programme. We provide a natural environment to enable discovery of nature through the arts, holistic and unscripted exploration.


Elements of Life

Created by Country Bears founders Rita & Shaun Eastell, our unique program uses a variety of approaches to link natures elements & our children’s responsibilities. Our children gain an understanding of how natural elements are interlinked and has need of the other to survive, thus ensuring a healthy world for all of us to live in.


Learning Curiously

We value each opportunity for our children to play, use their imagination, explore and learn through adventurous play within a safe environment –this encourages delight of curiosity and creates a culture of eagerness towards further learning.


Te Whāriki

This full NZ early childhood curriculum features 5 areas of learning and development, when woven together with our Elements of Life programme we focus on supporting children to develop the capabilities they need as confident and competent learners.

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Social & emotional intelligence is a foundation for all learning. It is not only taught, but needs to be nurtured through a healthy natural environments - through freedom in nature, freedom to socialise with children of mixed ages & the freedom to make judgements. It results in children who are confident, creative, empathetic, intrinsically motivated & are able to cooperate with others.