Nature Childcare Kumeu Early Childhood Centre Country Bears

Doing Our Part

We love the world we live in and we know you do too. That’s why we’re committed to minimising our social, environmental and ethical impact. Like you, we try to carry out our day to day runnings with these impacts in mind.


Clever Consumption

We use many local businesses which amongst other benefits, reduces transportation effects on the environment.

  • Our food waste goes to our animal friends down at Bunty’s Animal Sanctuary.

  • We minimise the use of plastic wherever we can source an alternative.

  • We endeavour to be bee-friendly and planting that encourages insects and birdlife.

  • We source organic cotton T-shirts.

  • We collect rainwater or “sky juice” as our children like to call it.

Eco-Friendly Products

We utilise cleaning systems & products that are child friendly & free from nasty toxins and chemicals.

Compostable Nappies


We have taken onboard the sole use and supply of compostable nappies – supplied, collected and composted by a NZ’s nappy pioneers, Little and Brave. With no sticky tabs or conventional plastics our nappies are a biodegradable earth-friendly choice.

We are also a Kumeu drop off point for Little & Brave’s compostable nappies.

Recycling & Upcycling

Recycling & upcycling throughout the centre is encouraged and always sought over single use alternatives.

Grow Our Own

Children are encouraged to “grow their own” in our open green space nicknamed “John’s Paddock”. It’s fun to be out there in the garden and see what our children can grow to eat!

No Nasty Stuff

We are passionate about providing high-quality equipment that better for the planet. With full-size wooden cots, our made in Kumeu natural timber toys utilise natural dyes and oils. Our neighbour, Pioneer Toys also crafts our tables and chairs, using recycled NZ timbers.

Natural Elements

Our learning programmes & activities also include the use of many natural materials: stone, metals, wood, clay, plants as well as repurposed items.